Custom Installation

Audio & Video Custom installation is the art of integrating all the technologies necessary for audio and video broadcasting and any other “integrated” control home automation equipment throughout the house, apartment, office, hotel or business.
The performance and stability of these systems depend as much on the quality of the elements that make them up as on the quality of the wired and Wi-Fi networks that allow them to be operated. The number of points and the heavy speeds, especially in video distribution, require the presence of high-performance routers and switches.
These systems of course "integrate" multi-room audio distribution, indoors and outdoors, but can also "integrate" the management of "connected" Very High Fidelity systems such as dedicated systems equipped with "traditional" stereo or multichannel equipment as well as the management and access of each system to internal (NAS) or online content such as Qobuz or DEEZER.
On this specific point of network reading, we take the liberty to remind you that only a wired connection between the source and the reader can guarantee the stability of the reading of the signal. Wireless connections players (smartphones, tablets, etc.) should preferably be reserved for remote control of equipment.
The systems we install integrate almost all remote content playback (Qobuz, DEEZER, etc.) embedded in smartphones. Direct reading of smartphone content is obviously still possible, with the inherent limitations of this technology

Video Distribution

Less common than audio distribution, video distribution is also much more demanding in terms of bit rates. Still very present in the professional world, it tends to be replaced in the residential sector by the generalization of Smart-TV connected to the network to both remote sources (Netflix, Youtube, etc.) and local sources (NAS).

However, even if the video reproduction remains satisfactory on quality equipment, the quality of the audio reproduction remains insufficient and incompatible with the shallow depth of flat screens: Indeed, while content providers manage to deliver as much quality image that a perfectly acceptable sound quality, alas, no onboard or reported sound reproduction system (soundbars, connected consumer speakers) is able to reproduce these soundtracks in their full dimensions. The addition of a sound reproduction system adapted both to the content and the room makes it possible to produce really immersive entertainment.


Of course, our job does not consist in implementing each technology (lighting, air conditioning, etc.) integrated into your building, but in ensuring their management through interfaces chosen and implemented in collaboration with each specialist in his or her technological field. In any case, it is desirable that only one among all the suppliers takes charge of the entire system managed by the common Pilot. The collaboration between all the suppliers is therefore decisive to ensure the operation of the whole system.
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