What is called “outdoor” is any area that may be exposed, permanently or temporarily, to water, rain, saturated humidity and/or wind. An indoor swimming pool will, for example, be considered as an outdoor space.

We offer sound and image broadcasting solutions in outdoor zones adapted to their environments and destinations. From the discreet diffusion of low-level background music around swimming pools and terraces, to permanent equipment to add sound to a private or public performance space. For video distribution systems, we recommend to use technologies adapted to the intended use: For outdoor home use: Hi definition LED sreens for the day and video projectors for the nightFor professional use, such as digital signage or outdoor entertainment, outdoor LED screens remain the most suitable solution.All our systems can indeed be installed in a private or professional environment.

Outdoor audio systems

The audio distribution system must always be perfectly adapted to its destination :
  • Volume to sonorise & acoustic environment of the system
  • Desired sound level and sound quality
  • Daily expected duration of use
The two major destination families are :

Outdoor background music systems

  • Architectural speakers (almost) invisible
  • Traditional wall speakers
  • In/On ceiling or suspended speakers
  • Floor standing speakers

Outdoor shows & sound animations systems

Le système de diffusion audio doit toujours être parfaitement adapté à sa destination, son usage :
  • Compact systems
  • Systems for Outdoor Home Entertainment

Outdoor Audio & Video systems

or the outdoor Home Theater and Home Concert
Have you ever dreamed to watch the Wimbledon tournament or the Monaco Grand Prix on a giant screen in your garden around a garden party with your friends ?
This during the day or the night, in a sound environment close to that prevailing on the courses or the circuits... as if you were there.

Outdoor video displays

Outdoor Home video entertainment

Prolonged exposure to video entertainment (film, concert, sport, documentary, etc.) requires the use of much more efficient equipment than in commercial animation. This of course for the pleasure provided by the quality of the image, but, above all, to avoid any eye fatigue.
The main criterias to consider to choose the right system are :
  • The definition adapted to the size of the image and the spectators's distance from the screen
  • A brightness and contrast adapted to ambient light
  • The refresh rate of the image
As no technology is currently capable of going from the low luminosity necessary for night shows to the very high luminosity imposed by daytime shows, especially in tropical environments, it is necessary to choose the technology (projection or LED) best suited for each use :
  • Videoprojection for the night
  • Giant LED screens for the day

Outdoor video show displays

*Even if they are impressive by the brilliance and the dynamics of the  broadcasted images, they are not intended to be watched for more than a few minutes. They are not built to deliver natural but “spectacular” images so It does not require the use of equipment as efficient as in home entertainment.*

*Medium-definition giant LED screens are sufficient for this function.*
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