Home Theater & Home Concert

A Home Theater room, like a Home Concert room, is a private performance hall arranged in a dedicated room in order to obtain a level of performance equal or superior to public performance halls, with, in addition, full comfort, privacy and flexibility.
Private rooms achieve such a level of performance because they are designed for a limited number of spectators, unlike public rooms which are intended to receive many people in less ideal conditions. In addition, private rooms can free themselves from economic constraints imposed on public rooms.

Home Theater Rooms

  • are built to magnify the experience of Cinema and electro-acoustic concerts like Rock or electronic music concerts.
  • They also can be used to play video games, series, television programs and everything that contains audio and video

Home Concert Rooms

  • are designed to sublimate acoustic music concerts, whether if they are classical, Baroque or early music ,... modern, instrumental or vocal, including of course Opera, jazz, world music and any music that does not use amplification systems for instruments during concerts.
These performance levels are made possible as much by the care given to the acoustics of the room than by the quality of the equipment and its placement.
This is why we offer you the best equipment available on the world market. That can be it the best speakers, subwoofers or amplifiers, but also the best audio processors capable of managing 16, 24, 32 or even 64 simultaneous channels, video projectors built to deliver HDR images on more than 10m wide screens, projection screens with variable formats and, of course, all the acoustic treatment and decorative elements necessary to obtain the best performance we can imagine.
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